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2009-06-20 18:04:01 by Sonic13k



2009-06-12 12:58:33 by Sonic13k

Ok, I was a bit excessive. Go listen to it. ;) /246127

Updates: Back to NG

2009-06-09 10:02:37 by Sonic13k

It has been a lot since my last log-on in the portal, the weird thing is that I forgot to use my NG account, this is why. I kept watching some flashes and playing some games anyway. Now I'm back again as user.
About the 8-bit remixes, I replaced my old computer with a laptop. All the remixes and the .midi files remained in the memory of the old one, so I have to start over downloading material and program.
Thanks for watching (to whoever sees it).

Whoops... little mistake!

2008-10-20 12:06:30 by Sonic13k

I deleted all my MIDI files to convert into NES style songs, so I will put a bit more to download some of them and upload another one...

I'm returned!

2008-08-15 11:17:15 by Sonic13k

Heh, one month passed since my last sign on NG, but I'm finally returned from vacations!
I'm working on another 8-bit remix that I will upload soon, no more to say.
Now I'll return reviewing the flash movies, I rly missed that.

First Audio Submission!

2008-07-10 09:14:04 by Sonic13k

Finally I uploaded a NES Style song!
Here's the link: /157021
It took some work, but at least it's here.
Soon I'll post another song of this kind.

First Audio Submission!

Post of NES Style Music

2008-06-14 11:34:04 by Sonic13k

I found the method to create music in NES Style converting MIDI files and so I decided to submit some examples, it's quite simple, my problem is convert that WAV files to MP3 format (the only supported by Newgrounds), I hope to resolve this problem soon.